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‘Wandering Star’ engine mounts and damper



‘Wandering Star’ engine mounts and damper

Wandering Star has had ongoing service work since our last post, not only does she have the double thrusters, but she now also has new engine mounts and new an engine damper. An engine damper can also be called the front pulley (crankshaft front pulley) or harmonic balancer. The damper smooth’s out engine vibrations and replacement is part of the service schedule for an engine of a certain age or hours. If you have not yet seen the double thruster post for Wandering Star you can take a look here. We have managed to obtain some images while the work was taking place, you can take a look at them here:


Wandering Star is a Nordhavn 43 and is having a pre-season service and additional work requested by the owner.


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