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Thruster upgrade for N43 ‘Wandering Star’



Thruster upgrade for N43 ‘Wandering Star’

Last week, the Nordhavn 43 ‘Wandering Star’ was hauled here at Hamble Point Marina for pre-season service work and a rather unusual upgrade which the NEL service team is overseeing. The owner wanted more grunt from his bow thruster and after much discussion (of which we will discuss at a later date) it was decided to fit a fully independant SECOND bow thruster. We are pretty sure, and correct us if we are wrong, that this will be a first for a Nordhavn!  The owner has a background in heavy commercial marine applications where twin thrusters are a common feature. On this page we will be able to give you updates on how this work progresses.

Haul out at Hamble. This is her bottom pre- jet wash. The antifoul worked a treat since she was last hauled, only the metal parts showed signs of weed and barnacles. The separate wing engine shaft, folding prop and P bracket show heavy fouling, but nothing that the pressure wash couldn’t remove. These will be polished up in due course.

Nordhavn 43 Wandering star before service09/02/16:

The additional thruster tube has been installed and glassed into position. Our hope was to get the new thruster ahead of the original to maximise its effectiveness. as you can see this worked out very well. There needed to be at least half the diameter of the tube separation between the two to stop cavitation and again we achieved much more than this with the new tube. We will keep you posted as thing progress.

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