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June 14 , 2018 |

Bringing life back to some slightly tired teak!

At first glance, some exterior solid wood parts can appear tarnished , cracked and green in places but the beauty of teak and why it’s commonly used in the marine industry is its resilient properties to the elements. With Malaspina , the exterior solid teak steps from the boat deck to the flybridge along with the

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March 22 , 2018 |

Iolair – Head replacement

Last week the guys were working hard on the head on Iolair. The finished products is a fully functional ‘Thrown’!  “With confirmation and parts ordered, we set about installing the new freshwater flushing head. The old sea water flush head was removed, including all of the pipework. This was renewed along with a retrofitted black water

February 15 , 2018 |

Vesper Sea Trial

on Monday we went out to Southampton water and gave Vesper a sea trial before her departure this morning! everything went smoothly and all engineers were happy with the boat! It was very cold but we were lucky enough to have some lovely sunshine beaming down on us as we cruised along. ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC”

January 12 , 2018 |

Sweet Hope I & Dirona

Sweet Hope I & Dirona have been out on the hard at Saxon Wharf Marina having routine service work done this week!  

November 23 , 2017 |

Black Swan lifted out

Bright and early this morning, Black Swan (N43) was lifted out the water for annual maintenance over the winter. Her black hull really makes her look very impressive! She will have service work done and will be placed on the brokerage market! Watch this space! 

October 20 , 2017 |

Albatross 47 Saloon modification

Once the new owners had taken delivery of their new but used 47. Plans were already flowing in regards to adding and modifying certain aspects of the boat’s appearance and aesthetics to fulfil those desires…                           One of those ideas was to turn an absent flybridge into a flybridge! An area to be used for

October 12 , 2017 |

Annie M Maintenance

Annie M came to us to have some service work done this week. She needed some fabricated angles for a pair of Portuguese bridge controls. These raised wedges were requested as moving the controls forward and backward at slow speeds was not perfect. They seemed to sit too flat for the owner and under discussion, [...]
October 12 , 2017 |

L’Adagio maintenance

Last week we had the beautiful L’Adagio 76 in with us for some service work. She needed some work done to her swim platform, during the time of ownership general maintenance had been done but it was time for the caulking to be removed and replaced after sanding and maintenance. Our commissioning manager gave her exactly [...]
October 4 , 2017 |

L’Adagio Re-Launch!

Yesterday saw the re-launch of the magnificent L’Adagio N7610, after annual maintenance with us in Southampton. Having travelled a great distance from the USA to Greenland, Iceland and finally Ireland before coming back to us. The weather was on our side as she was lifted back into the water and she glistened in the Southampton


Nordhavn 46 – Swordfish new fuel bladder

Although Nordhavn’s have the capabilities to circumnavigate the globe if you are planning a trip where maybe fuel is not so readily available and you would like to carry extra why not try this, as another one our  Nordhavn owner’s has recently done. Swordfish a Nordhavn 46 who is planning a trip back to his home

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N76#23 Being Commissioned

N76#23 to be named Mermaid Six has been with us since 25th Feb. We wrote a post about her arrival, you can find it here. After arriving here at Hamble we began commissioning. The commissioning is going well and is on schedule. Since Mermaid Six had been on a cargo ship’s deck for a couple

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Jacobite arrives from Antigua

Last week, Jacobite, Nordhavn 47 hull 34, was discharged on her arrival on a geared ship from the Caribbean. Jacobite holds a firm place in NEL’s affections as she was the first CE built 47. Her owner has cruised her in many beautiful parts of the world and intends to spend the early summer exploring the Channel Islands

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Nordhavn 68 – Migration haul out

The Nordhavn 68 – “Migration” arrived to Saxon’s Wharf for some pre-season maintenance.  She has been hauled and held in the hoist slings for the following to be carried out: Jet wash bottom This is to wash off all the marine growth from the hull of the boat which can slow speed and add to

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‘Wandering Star’ engine mounts and damper

Wandering Star has had ongoing service work since our last post, not only does she have the double thrusters, but she now also has new engine mounts and new an engine damper. An engine damper can also be called the front pulley (crankshaft front pulley) or harmonic balancer. The damper smooth’s out engine vibrations and replacement is part

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Ongoing maintenance for N76 – Spirit of Ulysses

When a Nordhavn is berthed with us locally and on our brokerage listings, we aim to maintain the boats and keep them in the very best condition. Spirit of Ulysses is exceptional in her upkeep and order, BUT her owner strives for perfection. The powder coat on the aluminium antenna supports was showing a few signs of

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Thruster upgrade for N43 ‘Wandering Star’

Last week, the Nordhavn 43 ‘Wandering Star’ was hauled here at Hamble Point Marina for pre-season service work and a rather unusual upgrade which the NEL service team is overseeing. The owner wanted more grunt from his bow thruster and after much discussion (of which we will discuss at a later date) it was decided to

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