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Nordhavn Europe update..



Nordhavn Europe update..

NEL Update from Director, Neil Russell. 

“NEL service finished 2017 and started 2018 with full work schedules and a number of Nordhavn’s overwintering and needing service work and further Nordhavn’s calling in for service work as they headed North or south.

Vesper, Nordhavn 68 overwintered with us along with Albatross Nordhavn 47 and Iolair Nordhavn 40, all three boats had work list. The work ranged from gelcoat repair to head and associated pipework replacement.

Dirona Nordhavn 52 was with us for six weeks before heading off to St Katherine’s Dock, London and also Sweet Hope Nordhavn 64 was with us for a week. In the middle of this, we sold Sweet Hope II Nordhavn 76 which included a small work list and preparation for shipment back to the US.

Currently, the service department has further work on Iolair, a Nordhavn 60 on the Clyde, Scotland and also another Nordhavn 40 located on the West Coast of Scotland.

On the new build front, NEL has had a very pleasing start to the year, with a German client purchasing a new stock Nordhavn 60 which was nearing completion at our facility in China, this brand new 60 is due to ship in about a month once we have completed one or two additional items the new owner requested. She ships to Florida for commissioning, instrument, tender, canvas and interior furnishings and then the new owner will be cruising Florida coast and the Caribbean.

Also, a current European Nordhavn owner has contracted with us to build him an aft pilothouse Nordhavn 68. The 64/68 is a popular model and are built by our yard in Taiwan. This European client will be very hands-on, with numerous yard visits during the build. His 68 will start in January 2019.

Brokerage / used is also active, as mentioned above, this year the lovely Sweet Hope II sale complete and is now in Florida with her new owners. Sonas Nordhavn 52 sold to a previous Nordhavn 76 owner and now located in the Mediterranean.

We have a good selection of brokerage boat listed, including the very capable MS56 Deo Juvante through to the ever lovely L’Adagio Nordhavn 76 and the beautiful Zembra Nordhavn 86.”