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Nordhavn 76#23 Launched Successfully



Nordhavn 76#23 Launched Successfully

Nordhavn 7623 Launched on Nov 27th Successfully

Most of the workers in TaShing are excited to prepare for the big event – the launching of N7623. On Nov 27th, they started the mission at 7:00 am in the early morning. The weather was not good and the raindrops kept falling, but to view from different angle based on Taiwanese culture, water means good fortune and will bring prosperity. Ta Shing believes the heavy rain will bring luck to Nordhavn 7623 as well.

Going through the land cruising and several rainy hours, the beautiful N7623 splashed at 3:58pm. She is now staying at AnPing Fishing Harbor and waiting for the upcoming sea trial.

Congratulation to Nordhavn 7623, she has moved a step forward to new adventure.

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