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Nordhavn 76#23 Final Check before Launching



Nordhavn 76#23 Final Check before Launching

Nordhavn 7623 Is Proceeding the Final Check Before Launching

Tim Juan, President of TaShing, is getting on board Nordhavn 7623 to participate in the final check before launching, Nordhavn 7623 is going to launch this Sunday (Nov. 27th).

From bow to stern, from starboard to port, from bilge to top, TaShing team has been proceeding the final check into every detail to make sure she could be certainly ready for the upcoming launching and sea trail.

Nordhavn 7623 has installed the Scania main engine, which is painted eye-catching red and being the first Scania for TaShing even the first Scania marine engine in Taiwan to install. Everyone in TaShing are so looking forward to her launching, it is our best pleasure to build the special boat for the owner.

Congratulations for Nordhavn 7623 being ready for launching!

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