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September 27 , 2018 |

Looking ahead to October..

  So, what’s to come at Nordhavn Europe over the next month… Whilst we were busy with the show, Nordhavn 60/52 “Relish” was making her way up from Malaga. The trip was skippered by the well-regarded Ted Duff who has successfully delivered several other Nordhavn’s for us along with two other crew members. She made

September 27 , 2018 |

Southampton Boat Show 2018

  The Southampton Boat show is now over for another year and what a show it was! The 10-day event started in glorious sunshine and for the first 5 day’s we were joined by Nordhavn’s company president Dan Streech; who had flown in from California. As expected the first weekend was very busy with keen

June 22 , 2018 |

3D walk-through of Due North, Nordhavn 63!

“Due North” is an outstanding example of the Aft Pilothouse Nordhavn 63, the modern take on the legendary Nordhavn 62. She was built for her current owner and has been based on the West Coast of Scotland for much of her time afloat. She has been lovingly maintained by a hugely conscientious owner. Her specification

June 21 , 2018 |

The first Motoryacht version of the Nordhavn 59 Coastal Pilot!

The first Motoryacht version of the 59 Coastal Pilot is nearing completion and we are scheduling for shipment to the East Coast next month.  “We’re very excited about the debut of this new version as it offers an enlarged saloon, longer upper aft deck and features a huge engine room with full standing headroom all

May 24 , 2018 |

Nordhavn 80 Mould’s

On a recent visit to the yard in Xiamen, China, our Director Philip Roach took some photos of the all-new Nordhavn 80 Moulds. Take a look below. Find out more about the Nordhavn 80 ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]

May 24 , 2018 |

Nordhavn 475 in build!

Our director Philip Roach took a recent trip to the Yard in Xiamen, China with clients. While he was there he saw the new N475 in build just before the ‘Lid’ had been put on. The N475 is a stretched version of the N43 with more room in the saloon and cockpit areas. This version

May 1 , 2018 |

PAE 40th Birthday Party!

Over the weekend both our Directors, Neil and Phil, attended the PAE 40th celebrations at Dana Point! There were seminars and talks on the history of PAE as well as social events. Both Ta Shing and South Coast builders attended and much fun was had by everyone. Here is a drone shot, taken over the PAE office


Nordhavn Europe update..

NEL Update from Director, Neil Russell.  “NEL service finished 2017 and started 2018 with full work schedules and a number of Nordhavn’s overwintering and needing service work and further Nordhavn’s calling in for service work as they headed North or south. Vesper, Nordhavn 68 overwintered with us along with Albatross Nordhavn 47 and Iolair Nordhavn

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April 11 , 2018 |

L’Adagio in 3D!

In case you missed it, here is the amazing 3D model of L’Adagio. This technology allows you to really explore the boat without having to leave the house! Take a good look around and really take in all her beautiful features! She is a marvelous boat! View her full details HERE if you are would

March 22 , 2018 |

Iolair – Head replacement

Last week the guys were working hard on the head on Iolair. The finished products is a fully functional ‘Thrown’!  “With confirmation and parts ordered, we set about installing the new freshwater flushing head. The old sea water flush head was removed, including all of the pipework. This was renewed along with a retrofitted black water

March 7 , 2018 |

N120 – Marine life rescue!

On the 22nd Feb on of the Aurora crew members posted this video on youtube… The crew was able to rescue a Dolphin, 2 turtles and 2 stingrays from floating lines and debris in the ocean. Here are some shocking facts about sea pollution: Over one million seabirds are killed by ocean pollution each year.

February 15 , 2018 |

Vesper Sea Trial

on Monday we went out to Southampton water and gave Vesper a sea trial before her departure this morning! everything went smoothly and all engineers were happy with the boat! It was very cold but we were lucky enough to have some lovely sunshine beaming down on us as we cruised along. ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC”

January 25 , 2018 |

Goodbye to Sweet Hope II

On Friday we said goodbye to Sweet Hope 2! She is shipping to America, to her new owner! ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]

January 18 , 2018 |

A glimmer of sun…

Sweet Hope 2, Vesper and Albatross are still all with us here at Hamble Point Marina. We have had a lovely little bit of sunshine this morning and so I took this opportunity to get some more photos of the three of them together on the pontoon! Sweet Hope 2 is leaving us tomorrow to be

January 12 , 2018 |

Sweet Hope I & Dirona

Sweet Hope I & Dirona have been out on the hard at Saxon Wharf Marina having routine service work done this week!  

December 19 , 2017 |

NEW Nordhavn 80!

The Newest Nordhavn: The N80 The N80 was born out of the demand for a boat that bridged the gap between the Nordhavn 76 and the Nordhavn 86. This new yacht will be powered by twin 375 hp John Deere engines, will have 4 staterooms and room for 2 crew. Optional layouts will include a [...]
December 18 , 2017 |

Deo Juvante, her solo trip across the Atlantic

Here at Nordhavn Europe, we have the wonderful Deo Juvante, the Nordhavn 56 Motor Sailor out on the hard and on the brokerage market. She is an outstanding vessel and this was proven by her current owner Thierry Verstraete when he took a history-making journey on her across the Atlantic last year, all on his [...]
November 23 , 2017 |

Black Swan lifted out

Bright and early this morning, Black Swan (N43) was lifted out the water for annual maintenance over the winter. Her black hull really makes her look very impressive! She will have service work done and will be placed on the brokerage market! Watch this space! 

November 15 , 2017 |

Nordhavn 59 Coastal Pilot

The beautiful Nordhavn 59 Coastal Pilot in all her glory! I absolutely love the U shaped galley! What’s your favourite feature on this very impressive vessel?

October 27 , 2017 |

Step inside the amazing Sweet Hope 2

Take a look inside Sweet Hope 2, with this exclusive 3D tour! She is currently on the brokerage market and we have created this virtual tour so you can really get a good look at how stunning she is! 

October 27 , 2017 |

Annie M leaves Hamble Point Marina

Yesterday Annie M (N60) set off with her owner back up to Scotland after coming to stay with us at Nordhavn Europe for an annual service.    This video was shot by Neil our director, from the flybridge of a N76.  Goodbye Annie M! 

October 20 , 2017 |

Reflecting on our beautiful surroundings

Here at Nordhavn Europe, we are very lucky to be situated in the beautiful Hamble point marina with amazing landscapes and breathtaking views! just have a look for yourself;   

October 20 , 2017 |

Albatross 47 Saloon modification

Once the new owners had taken delivery of their new but used 47. Plans were already flowing in regards to adding and modifying certain aspects of the boat’s appearance and aesthetics to fulfil those desires…                           One of those ideas was to turn an absent flybridge into a flybridge! An area to be used for

October 19 , 2017 |

Bringing Annie M back to Hamble Point marina (My first ride on a Nordhavn)

Yesterday afternoon myself, Neil and Phil moved Annie M from Saxon Wharf back to Hamble Point Marina where she will stay to be valeted before her owner takes her up to Scotland next week. The journey from Saxon to Hamble was a nice smooth ride taking about 40 minutes after stopping to pick up fuel. It was my first

October 19 , 2017 |

Nordhavn Europe welcome a new team member

Here at Nordhavn Europe, we have had a new member join our team in Hamble point. Charlotte is our new digital marketer and social media manager, she studied Photography at Bath Spa University for 2 years before deciding to leave and follow a new career path in digital marketing. Having studied photography she became interested [...]