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New and improved 52



October 18 , 2017 |

New and improved 52

At Nordhavn we have many tools that allow us to keep our line-up of models current, exciting and better than ever. It comes from the cumulative experience we have and a team comprised of many who have worked on every single Nordhavn produced. “We have a database of empirical knowledge that allows us to incorporate all the best features of past boats into future boats while designing out what doesn’t work,” says Pacific Asian Enterprises (PAE) co-owner and vice president Jim Leishman. The end result is a continually evolving product line that provides the consumer a boat with the greatest technological advances, the greatest features,


and design modifications that manage to best each boat that came before it. In that vein, we present a new and improved Nordhavn 52.

The original Nordhavn 52 is a stellar, capable boat – just look to James and Jennifer Hamilton on board N52 Dirona(www.mvdirona.com) for all the evidence you need. But we have found a way to make the model even better by introducing the Nordhavn 52 with new stretch saloon and deck as standard. 

“this new design is what a lot of our European buyers have wanted. An extended saloon and a large cockpit adds to the sociability of the boat” says Neil Russell, director of Nordhavn Europe. 


“It’s a natural evolution of the design,” said project manager Justin Zumwalt, noting that the practice was first done with success on the Nordhavn 60. In the case of both the 60 and 52, which evolved from the 55 and 47 hulls respectively, a 4-foot extension was added to the stern, giving way to yachts with formidable cockpits. “With the N60, once we extended the cockpit of the base boat by four feet, making the N55 into the N60, it was only natural to extend the salon and boat deck,“ he said. Although a little bit of cockpit area is sacrificed with the saloon bumpout, the remaining area is still very spacious. “We’re confident 52 buyers are going to love this change. Not only is the modification a practical one in terms of space design, it enhances the aesthetics of the boat as well.”


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