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Nordhavn 43

Nordhavn 43, possibly the smallest big ship on the ocean

A step-up from the Nordhavn 40; Jeff Leishman set out to create an even better boat, the N43.


The all new Nordhavn 43 is the direct result of lessons learned on that challenging and very satisfying adventure.Dan Streech, PAE President


N43In 1999, P.A.E.’s naval architect, Jeff Leishman, again made the boating world take notice with the successful launch of the innovative Nordhavn 40, a small, mighty ship that soon proved its remarkable capabilities. In 2002, a stock Nordhavn 40 completed a 26,000-mile circumnavigation in less than 26 weeks without incident or breakdown. Crewed by our P.A.E. staff, this proud little vessel served as the testing ground for a variety of evolutionary ideas. The all new Nordhavn 43 is the direct result of lessons learned on that challenging and very satisfying adventure. It also represents the culmination of what 25 years of quality boat building has taught us.

N43Unlike other boat builders, we did not set out to design a 43-foot model to fit a marketing strategy. Instead we challenged ourselves to make a great boat, the Nordhavn 40, even better. Likewise, we knew that our Nordhavn 47 was already on its way to becoming one of our all time best sellers. But it was simply more boat than many people wanted or could afford. A careful comparison of both the 40 and new 47 formed the design parameters for a new model. It just happened to result in a 43-foot long boat. And it just may become the most popular Nordhavn yet.

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