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Nordhavn New Trawler Yacht Model Selection

Keen power boat owners are realising the benefits of trawler yachts; not only from the economies of fuel use but the plain fact that getting caught out with the weather is almost impossible on a heavy displacement trawler yacht.

There are few boats so uniquely qualified to take two people around the world as comfortably and as economically as the N40.


Nordhavn Europe (NEL) is pleased to announce the latest addition to its product line: the new Nordhavn 475.

A step-up from the Nordhavn 40; Jeff Leishman set out to create an even better boat, the N43.

The Nordhavn 47 has been retired in favour of the N52.

The N52 is popular amongst buyers who loved the interior space and offshore capability of the N47 but want an updated look.

The Nordhavn 55 has been retired in favour of the N60.

A motorsailer with true Nordhavn capabilities, transoceanic range under power alone and sailing performance in offshore conditions.

The new N60 is all about more – more room, more luxury and more long-distance cruising enjoyment.

The N63 has an entire new deck and engine room have been created to provide increased interior volume and added amenities.

The design incorporates the newest styling and showcases our innovative approach to creating extra-spacious interior accommodations.

The 68 bridges the gap between the look and feel of the Nordhavn 62 and its bigger sister, the Nordhavn 76.

The Nordhavn N75 is the latest addidtion, with further information soon to come…

A year was spent tooling and mold-building this project to create the hundreds of highly polished molds required to construct this complex boat.

The N80 was born out of the demand for a boat that bridged the gap between the Nordhavn 76 and the Nordhavn 86

The Nordhavn 86 is a large yacht. The first impressions from the outside are of great mass and powerful lines, but it’s the interior volume that has to be experienced to be appreciated.

Jeff Leishman has made her waterline length a sweetspot in terms of wave period, and in doing so, makes long passages a very comfortable experience.