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Albatross 47 Saloon modification



October 20 , 2017 |

Albatross 47 Saloon modification

Once the new owners had taken delivery of their new but used 47. Plans were already flowing in regards to adding and modifying certain aspects of the boat’s appearance and aesthetics to fulfil those desires…

                          One of those ideas was to turn an absent flybridge into a flybridge! An area to be used for a more commanding viewpoint when under way and at rest. Nordhavn’s, renowned for their capability in the most challenging situations at sea are also renowned for their capability to fully relax the occupants once at their destination with unbridled luxury, onboard equipment and workmanship. A flybridge cowling was manufactured and shipped to the exact specifications for the model from the factory. Once secured in place it created another usable area in which the owners could utilize at their leisure along with the very recognisable look which has come to represent the brand the world over.

                          In addition, it had been agreed that a large fixed seating area within the saloon was unrequired given the fact that the owners would have more than enough space for themselves and for the number of friends lucky enough to be invited on board. A wall to wall 4 door cupboard with internal shelves was agreed which had to accommodate all the existing services that were present before.


                          Next came the task of removing the old seating area. All the necessary precautions (protection and dust extraction) were installed initially, especially important when undertaking such a task. The unrequired cabinetry had to be removed piece by piece by means of careful cuts as many remaining areas would be left to blend existing with new. Dimensions and style had all been agreed beforehand and so sourcing all of the materials was a major task in itself.

                           Once all of the unrequired areas were cut out, trimmed back and modified. The floor needs addressing. Uneven and ill-matching, marine ply was shaped and fixed in place to bring the floor back even and true. Services had to be taken into consideration and planned throughout as a new floor idea was under discussion.

                            When all of the materials were at hand, the facia of the cupboard could be offered up and marked for doors and services. These were cut from the teak faced ply, trimmed and edged using solid teak and fixed throughout using invisible fastenings. All planned to keep the project as close to Nordhavn’s unparalleled quality.

                             This theme carried on as the project progressed, cabinet top, side panels, edge cornice, shelves. All carefully measured and offered up in place as not to show any visible fastenings.

                              Once the majority of the pieces were made and dry fitted for a final check. It all had to be disassembled, colour matched, grain sealed and varnished to finally give the desired look which was prevalent throughout the saloon.

                              Next came the task of fixing each component securely in its place. Piece by piece was added, shelves, doors, ironmongery, catches. all painstakingly fastened to ensure that it remained strong throughout its life as well as looking as true to a factory fit as possible.

                              This project on reflection was a true testament to those people who designed and built the boat. Craftsmanship and quality were undoubtedly at the forefront of everyone involved. My


thanks to all, Yann.