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About Nordhavn Europe

Nordhavn Europe during her early years

Nordhavn Europe Limited (NEL) was founded in 2004 by Neil Russell having worked at the design office: Pacific Asian Enterprise (PAE), Dana Point, California since 2003 and prior to that worked at Pacific Seacraft as production manager building the Nordhavn 40 mark I. Neil came back to the UK in May 2004, just before the start of the Nordhavn Atlantic Rally (NAR) to open the operation in Europe. A very new product to the marketplace it was a ‘bit of an unknown’ how the models would be received. Once the concept was understood and the Europeans saw the high levels of engineering and build quality coupled with a passion, hard work and knowledge of the product especially from a construction viewpoint orders soon followed. Nordhavn Europe soon gained recognition for the Ocean crossing trawler yachts they’re known for. In 2005, just one year into Nordhavn Europe Philip Roach met with Neil and the president of PAE / Nordhavn, Dan Streech before being offered a job at Nordhavn Europe, he has been here since. If you want to find out more about the employees at Nordhavn Europe you can find the link here.

Nordhavn Europe currently

Nordhavn Europe now functions as the head office for all Nordhavn sales in Europe, since being founded Nordhavn Europe has managed to sell 58 new builds. The office is based in Hamble Point Marina just outside Southampton in the UK. The infrastructure is second to none for commissioning of new Nordhavn’s, Nordhavn brokerage sales, service and support for all cruising and visiting Nordhavn’s. Both Neil and Philip offer training to new Nordhavn owners whether they have purchased a new Nordhavn or a brokerage (used) Nordhavn plus any amount of ongoing training if required. The support side is just as important to us, not only from the service side but also be available to answer technical questions while the owner is cruising. We offer continuous support from one owner to another and it can be said that ‘We follow the Nordhavn boat rather than the owner’.

A number of European owners have their own blogs, we have created a page so all the European owner’s blogs are listed on one page for easy access. If you have any questions then please feel free to contact us, our email address is: sales@nordhavneurope.com